Rockhampton, The Agriculture Capital of Australia

Agriculture Capital of Australia

It’s kind of sad that our economy was kick started by a natural disaster. We can’t keep relying on Mother Nature’s destruction to generate revenue. If we don’t properly respond to this economic downturn, which appears to be the new norm, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble.

The global food forum was held in Melbourne last week. Representatives and leaders from all over the world were present, discussing the opportunities of Agriculture across the world. Agriculture is everything to do with the production of food. Some of our own Australian mining magnates are even getting into it. I wonder why? Could it be because there is money to be made?

The Agriculture industry in Australia currently employees 575,000 people. In the 2011 financial year, Queensland was 27% of Agriculture in Australia. That’s a total of $13 Billion. In the same period, Central Queensland generated $4.8 Billion for the Queensland economy just in Beef alone. To our nation, Agriculture is worth $48.7 Billion. The industry has always been there and will continue to always be there. It’s not a matter of how much of the pie we want, it’s how big do we want to make this pie and can we provide the ingredients for it? I certainly believe we can.

Rockhampton missed the mining boom. What are we going to do to ensure we don’t miss the Agriculture boom? In 10 years’ time, rather than whinging that our region missed out, I would rather fail from trying.

I think Central Queensland has what it takes. In fact, we have more than what it takes. We can start now! Rockhampton is the capital of Central Queensland. Our region is Central to Queensland. Central Queensland alone could be 15% to 20% of the Australian agriculture industry because of our EXISTING road, rail, airport and port Infrastructure we well as the Fitzroy River. Where else in Australia does this exist? Central Queensland is a perfect location. Would it be nice if Rockhampton was to transform as the Agriculture Capital of Australia. Let’s get off our backsides and grab this opportunity by the horns. We can’t afford for this horse to bolt. Let’s get mooooving now!

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