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Petros Khalesirad

Petros Khalesirad

“I’m a technologist and a believer. Believe it or not I work with people and technology.”
Petros Khalesirad

I’ve worked in the technology industry for all my professional career which has spanned over 18 years. Using technology, I enable innovation by turning ideas into reality. The modern day weapon is now a computer and to defeat it you need to have a good understanding of the law but an even better understanding of technology. There is a real need for the legal industry to have experts that understand Cybercrime. With my knowledge and experience in IT, I hope to offer a unique skillset to either a Police Prosecutor or defence counsel. My aspiration is to be a Barrister that specialises in Family & Criminal Law.


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  • Diploma in Project Management, MBH Training (2015)
  • Bachelor of Laws, CQ University (2016-), presently undertaking

Key Capabilities and Evidence

Managing relationships and developing partnerships

I consider managing relationships and developing partnerships critical to achieving success. It’s true what they say “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” and sometimes that’s the difference between failure and success. I am well connected throughout the community and  I continue developing relationships because I can easily engage with people. By communicate respectfully. I earn people’s respect and loyalty, which in return only helps develop relationships and partnerships.

Ability to communicate technical and complex problems to a variety of audiences

Communication is important but taking that one step further, you have to use the right language. Law and IT are similar in that they are both technical. The language I use to communicate will vary depending on my audience. I have found that clients don’t like to hear jargon or terminology. They want information explained in simple terms. I developed a short film for Rocky’s Own to highlight to the Transport industry the benefits of using an electronic operational system such as the Route Assessment system. It helped the business win a transport award for Industry Excellence.

Manage a project and meeting outcomes

A majority of the work I have done requires me to act in a Project Management role. This leadership position often involves the above qualities I have mentioned but also being visionary, having integrity, being enthusiastic, showing empathy, being competent, delegate tasks, remain in control despite pressure, work with a team, and solve problems. One of the most complex projects I have been involved with is TranSIT as it requires the software to have compliance with complex legislation and involves managing several 3rd party relationships. The system is critical to the operations of Young’s Bus Service for the delivery of public transport.

Sympathetic to the needs of small business

A majority of my clients have been small business owners. More often, these businesses can’t afford expensive solutions. Even with tight financial constraints I have been able to deliver the required outcomes.

Career Aims

On completion of my law degree, I hope to provide a specialised and technical legal service in areas of Criminal Law & e-crime but my passion is with Family Law. I would like to develop a tribunal style of mediation panel consisting of experts in finance, children & adult psychology, and estates.  This will be a full out-of-court service that will deliver a sensible, quick and cost effective outcome on completion of my law degree, I will obtain further education in the area of dispute resolution.

Work & Experience History

Founder, The IT Broker (January 2016 to present)

IT is a huge investment for anyone in business. Every business should be encouraged to talk to an independent IT expert before making any IT decision, even if they have an existing IT provider. With the rapidly changing digital landscape, and the infrastructure and application layer blending, it’s impossible for an IT provider to be an expert at everything, especially when it comes to privacy and security. I, as the IT Broker,  works with a panel of experts and acts in the interest of the customer to find the best tools and technologies to meet the customers’ business needs.

Sponsorship Agent, Freelance (November 2015 to present)

I connect businesses with charities and create content to cross-market them to increase brand awareness. The outcome helps everyday people and generates revenue for both the business and charity. I work with charities such as the Jason Rich Foundation to assist them in raising revenue to fund driver education programs for youth. My role also requires me to manage events, write communication material such as media releases and manage digital marketing platforms.

Co-chair, Capricorn ICT Network (January 2015 to present)

The Capricorn ICT Network is a group of ICT Professionals who represent a common front for the region’s ICT providers. Our not-for-profit network recognises there is a wide range of economic activity in the region and as a group is positioning itself to compete and promote local, regional and national opportunities.

The network also supports and benefits individuals or organisations who are not ICT providers, but who have interests in developing a strong regional ICT industry including CQ University, Rockhampton & Livingstone Shire Councils, and Department of State Development (Qld Gov).

I provide expertise in the area of digital marketing, innovation and emerging technologies as well as mentoring business startups through Startup Capricorn.

Journalist, Freelance (2009 to present)

Traditional media outlets have not been sustainable for quite some time since the rise of digital. This has caused a disruption, resulting in failing media empires to create content that drives marketing outcomes. The role of the media remains crucial in delivering authentic and credible information that’s in the interest of the public. With a strong background in technology and innovation, and a natural curiosity to test the truth, I create well researched content with maximum engagement, online and offline. Some of my editorials are published on my blog. 

I have played an important role for the community during Natural Disasters such as the Rockhampton 2010 floods and Cyclone Marcia by collecting, authenticating and distributing information of public interest.

Managing Director, Ultimate IT (1995 to 2012)

I founded Ultimate IT whilst attending high school because I identified a market to build custom white box solutions for people with specific needs. At the time, the only players in the hardware space were IPEX, IBM and HP. Computers on the market had limited options and as such provided no flexibility for users to customise. Shortly after leaving school, I began software development for organisations such as Capricornia Electricity. By 2006, Ultimate IT was one of the biggest IT providers outside of Brisbane with an annual turnover exceeding $2 Million dollars. Ultimate IT specialised in Computer Services & Support, Microsoft Application Solution Development and Computer Training and used technology to “turn ideas into reality.”

Director of Technology, Ultimate Mining (2006 to 2009)

Ultimate Mining was a specialised arm of Ultimate IT, providing custom software development solutions specifically for the mining industry. Before selling the business to another mining company, Ultimate Mining was known across the globe for a product it developed called UltiMine. This unique piece of software was a production management system for underground mining and was responsible for running the “whole of mine” operation. I also integrated with external systems such as machine logging from continuous miners, asset management for equipment life cycles and personnel data from HR systems.


Engagement Profile

Having started my career at a very young age, the general public has been interested in my life story. In 1999 I was awarded Young Queenslander of the Year which significantly increased my public profile. I think it’s important for everyone to show civic pride. As an active member of the community, I do this by volunteering countless hours every week on community projects. I’m currently involved with youth career development with the Rockhampton Innovation Network Group, the delivery of technology workshops with the Capricorn ICT network and Queensland Government Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, and a lobbyist in Queensland’s largest grass root community advocacy group, Our Keppel Our Future.

Examples of work

Rocky’s Own Transport Co – Route Assessment

In 2004, I as Ultimate IT modified an existing off the shelf GPS vehicle tracking tool and customised it for Rocky’s Own. The Route Assessment solution enables the customer to capture their own GPS data including points of interests & hazard information. This is critical for a vehicle that is carrying explosives. The solution puts management in the driver’s seat of every vehicle, giving them access to real-time information that takes the guesswork out of managing a vehicle fleet on the road.

Whilst the solution predominately provides messaging, tracking and reporting it can also integrate to existing systems such as a work orders, jobs, financial control or an entire new feature.

Watch how the system works.

Young’s Bus Service – TranSIT

Since 2002, I have been working with Young’s Bus Service to develop a system that properly manage the movement of students through their bus network. The program TranSIT does this by recording information in relation to students and their travels. TranSIT was developed in a way to maximise the use of any information collected as part of the daily workings of the business and enable Young’s Bus Service to better serve their customers.

Watch how the system works.

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