Over the past 10 years, I’ve raised money for many charities. Since 2006, I’ve been climbing high-altitude mountains for Camp Quality raising money for kids with Cancer. An experience I will never forget.

As a business owner, I used to found it difficult to find local charities to support. That’s because these groups are usually run by tireless volunteers on a very small budget. They’re so busy trying to do so many things that when it comes to marketing themselves, they don’t.

What I do is pretty simple. I come up with a concept to increase brand awareness for a business and a targeted charity, then create content to cross market them. I take an offline relationship and connect it online. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes but that’s a secret.

In late 2015 I contacted a good friend of mine, Jacob Mcluskie from the Jason Rich Foundation. JRF is about Saving Our Teenagers Lives Through Driver Education!

If you’re a business or a charity and you want to find out more, connect with me today.