Overview of issues relating to Councillor Stephen Schwarten

Stephen Schwarten


All information contained through these disclosures is available within the public domain and every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the reporting of that information.


The collation of information within this report has been obtained from various public domain sources including the Rockhampton Regional Council Website, Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC), and various Media outlets. While every attempt has been made to ensure correct and accurate referencing of the material contained within this report, no responsibility is acknowledged for the accuracy or opinions of the material presented by the originating source.


The following information was obtained from the Rockhampton Regional Council Website URL: http://www.rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au/About_Council/Councillors/Division_7_Cr_Stephen_Schwarten
Name: Stephen Schwarten
Council Division: Division 7
Home Address: 18 Dowling Street, Park Avenue, North Rockhampton
Home Phone: 4922 2647
Mobile: 0408 710 623
Email: *protected email*
Localities: Park Avenue, Kawana and Parkhurst.

“There are no party politics in Local Government in the Rockhampton Region and I serve on the Regional Council as an Independent Councillor.”


4.1 In information supplied on the Rockhampton Regional Council’s Website, Councillor Schwarten claims to have founded the Children’s Tree Project in 1987. This organisation seeks in conjunction with the Council to plant native trees in the Rockhampton environs. However a review of Media reporting has failed to locate any association by Councillor Schwarten with this Project in the past twelve (12) months.

4.2 As well as having responsibility to attend all Ordinary and Special Council Meetings, Councillor Schwarten is a member of Five (5) Council Committees. Namely, the Communities, Infrastructure, Parks and Recreation, Performance and Service and Planning and Development Committees. A detailed analysis of Councillor Schwarten’s attendances at Council and Committee meetings was conducted between January 2014 and August 2015
by examining the published minutes of the various meetings. A detailed analysis is presented as Attachments in this report. Presented below is a brief summary of these findings. Greater detail is also presented in the body of this report. A general observation of Councillor Schwarten’s attendance is that he frequently arrives after the meetings commence and departs prior to the cessation of the meeting. This is also confirmed by the times recorded in the minutes associated the various meetings.

4.3 Rockhampton Regional Council has a defined policy and procedure relating to the availability of Councillors to present and undertake random drug and alcohol testing. In the review period undertaken in this report only one occasion was found where the test was conducted. On this occasion Councillor Schwarten had requested leave for the period ,(28 July to 1 September 2014) during which this test was conducted. The minutes of the Performance and Service Committee Meeting held 29 July 2014 show that compulsory Drug and Alcohol testing was conducted for all councillors present.

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