Our Keppel, Our Future

Our Keppel Our Future

I just don’t get it. The Premier of Queensland, Annastasia Palaszcuk said earlier this year “If you a have a good idea, if you have a brand new innovation that will create jobs, I want to hear it, my ministers want to hear it.” It would appear the Premier didn’t really mean what she said.

Just over 2 weeks ago, a faceless man in the Department of State Development ranked the Great Keppel Island Development second last and said it “was not a game changing project for the region and would not deliver significant regional economic benefits”. Did this public servant bother speaking to the Member for Keppel before he decided to say such stupidity? I think he forgot what department he works for. What would you prefer a large Department of Human Services or Department of State Development? Does the Department of State Development have the right people at the helm to create jobs or further unemployment!

Since we were given the middle finger and cold shoulder by the Queensland Government, the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast community has very quickly come together. Ignoring the 7 people who are against this development, the rest of the community unanimously wants it. If the last box to tick is a boutique gaming license to give financial security to investors, then hurry up and print the damn thing so we can get on with the job of putting Central Queensland on the map! That’s unless the Queensland Government has a better idea. Maybe they could revisit investing in another ZeroGen project, Desalination Plant or becoming a software development company to rewrite the payroll system for Queensland Health. There’s a few billion dollars of waste in those examples alone.

Let’s face it, Governments don’t have what it takes to build better communities. They’re to short term focused. Their vision doesn’t seem to extend beyond election cycles. So why don’t they just help enable people in the community to build better communities. It seems that the only people here with a gambling problem are the members of parliament. They’d rather get voted out for doing nothing than something.

On Sunday at Community Cabinet, the Rockhampton and Keppel electorate are going to show everyone why we want Our Keppel to be Our Future!

for more information check out http://www.ourkeppelourfuture.com.au
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