A message of thanks to those who advocate for what’s right, for fairness and equality.



Ever wondered what it’s like to be an informant? Someone who provides information to another. Well, for starters it’s sometimes very dangerous but more often it is very stressful and a huge commitment. Being an informant is very difficult and requires an immense level of courage and faith. Courage to stand up and release the information, faith to ensure you release it to the right person or organisation.

Most of us have had some experience being an informant. Usually it involves giving information to the Police about something you’ve witnessed or know. For anyone who’s done this, you feel a sense of euphoria knowing that you’ve just don’t your bit for Justice. Unfortunately, for an informant of a whistleblower, there is no euphoria. Well, not for a very long time anyway. In actual fact, there’s nothing euphoric about blowing the whistle.

When a person decides it’s time to blow the whistle, it’s usually because all the normal conventional methods to deal with the situation haven’t worked. In other words, it’s a last resort option, an act of desperation. A huge emotional rollercoaster ride. I can see this when I look into their eyes and see the unfairness and injustice they’ve witnessed, the fear that something has been happening and they’ve tried everything to stop it but it’s just not working. For them, it’s like watching someone drown and knowing they can’t swim to save them. They just have to watch on in horror.

The people who have come to me with information all have similar qualities. A strong character, the highest of integrity, empathy and a conscience. Informants are people that are contrary to the individual or organisation they are against and they are not bent. They spend their life more concerned about the greater good than them self. They are a person with a lot of love in their heart for all of humanity. They recognise the urgency and seriousness of the situation and now they’re demanding change.

For some time now I have been blowing the whistle on matters of public interest. I’ve learnt a lot but I’ve also met some pretty awesome people. Some really really good people. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of them for trusting me but more importantly, for taking a stand and having the strength to advocate for what’s right, for fairness and equality.


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