19/3/2016 Mr Greg Quinn Managing Director Hutchinson Builders Dear Mr Quinn By now you would be well aware of the issues in the Queensland electorate of Keppel and the local member Brittany Lauga MP. On the 29 February 2016, Mrs Lauga published on her Facebook page, “There was a budget overrun on the construction, Read More

Stephen Schwarten

According to history, going “missing” is something the Schwarten family is good at. The video below shows the former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh unbeknown to her, participating in a game of Where’s Schwarto. So if the Schwarten family can trick the Queensland Premier, what chance do the people of Division 7 in Rockhampton have?  , Read More

Stephen Schwarten

1 DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION All information contained through these disclosures is available within the public domain and every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the reporting of that information. 2 DISCLAIMER The collation of information within this report has been obtained from various public domain sources including the Rockhampton Regional Council Website, Australian Securities Investment, Read More

Thursday 1st October 2015 I visited the office of Bill Byrne, Member for Rockhampton for the purposes of obtaining the most appropriate contact to refer my public interest disclosure. I was given the contact details for the Department of Housing in Brisbane. I telephoned their office and explained my concerns A few hours later, Read More

Qld Government

A Government funded domestic violence shelter in Queensland is currently under investigation after reports of Bullying & Harassment, Workplace Health & Safety concerns, maladministration and the misuse of public resources. The below is a censored version of the Public Interest Disclosure sent to the Department of Housing & Public works on Friday the 2nd, Read More

Petros K

When a concerned member of the public approaches me with allegations, usually its about a matter of public interest. I never knew why they contacted me in the first instance, but a few years into this, I now know. I’ll explain this later. The first gauge I have to test the allegation is my gut, Read More

allenstown state school

On Wednesday the 25th of March 2015, 5 hours after my open letter to the Director General of Education Queensland, I received a response from his office. That response is below however it is referring to my correspondence from February 23rd February not the correspondence I sent earlier today (Wednesday 25th March 2015). NOTE: For privacy reasons,, Read More


What if I told you Queensland Police Service (Rockhampton branch) did NOTHING to stop a child from having a sexual relationship with an adult. What if I told you that adult was her half brother. What if told you that child just gave birth to a baby? Would you believe me? Next week I, Read More

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