Census is all about statistics and one important statistic to remember from #Census2016 is no one can guarantee your privacy, not even the Government. The weakest link in any IT system is the human element and once your privacy is gone, you’re never going to get it back! I took the time during #CensusFail, Read More

Cyber crime

Cyber crime, the Australian Federal Police refer to it as “fighting the invisible”. Last year I began transitioning my almost 20 year career as an IT Professional to a lawyer specialising in cyber crime. On top of my university workload, I spend a lot of time reading legal journals, case law and pretty much, Read More

Welcome to Rockhampton

Dear Minister Enoch I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up during Small Business Week. Can I just say how great it is to see the Queensland Government recognise the importance of entrepreneurs and start-ups in our digital economy. As the co-founder of the Capricorn ICT Network, I have the pleasure of, Read More

Empty board room

One has to question the effectiveness of government when an elected representative fails to represent their constituents. An example could be a Councillor not attending council meetings. I did some research earlier this week and discovered an article in the 1934 August edition of The Argus (Melbourne). The leader of the opposition moved to, Read More

GKI research centre

The Great Keppel Island revitalisation project has all the necessary approvals but the developer needs financial support to fund all the stages. Unless you have taken the time to read through the thousands of pages of information about this development, you don’t really know what it has to offer. It is a “world premier, Read More


How many times do we hear politicians and aspiring political candidates make promises during election campaigns only to find out once elected they’re not honoring it. From what most people tell me, and what I observe during a politicians term, most constituents hate it when a politician comes up with some rubbish excuse to justify a broken promise. Sing Hallelujah, Read More

Happy New Year for 2016

Happy New Year! I thought the best way to start my column for the year would be to give you my 2016 outlook. It’s a year of uncertainty to those who aren’t agile. It’s a year of opportunity to those who see hidden opportunities. And it’s a year of bust for those who are, Read More


  Ever wondered what it’s like to be an informant? Someone who provides information to another. Well, for starters it’s sometimes very dangerous but more often it is very stressful and a huge commitment. Being an informant is very difficult and requires an immense level of courage and faith. Courage to stand up and, Read More

Our Keppel Our Future

I just don’t get it. The Premier of Queensland, Annastasia Palaszcuk said earlier this year “If you a have a good idea, if you have a brand new innovation that will create jobs, I want to hear it, my ministers want to hear it.” It would appear the Premier didn’t really mean what she, Read More

Agriculture Capital of Australia

It’s kind of sad that our economy was kick started by a natural disaster. We can’t keep relying on Mother Nature’s destruction to generate revenue. If we don’t properly respond to this economic downturn, which appears to be the new norm, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble. The global food, Read More