An open letter to Hutchinson Builders



Mr Greg Quinn
Managing Director
Hutchinson Builders

Dear Mr Quinn

By now you would be well aware of the issues in the Queensland electorate of Keppel and the local member Brittany Lauga MP.

On the 29 February 2016, Mrs Lauga published on her Facebook page, “There was a budget overrun on the construction of our house which we have an agreement with the builder to repay.” I have verified Mrs Lauga’s comments against the Queensland Government Register of Members’ Interest. I can confirm liabilities over $10,000. loan – J Hutchinson Builders Pty Ltd has been recently recorded. (page 46 item 12,

According to the Master Builders Queensland website, Mr and Mrs Lauga’s home won the Individual home $501,000 to $600,000 category. I would argue that by Mrs Lauga’s own admission, the home should no longer be eligible for the award on the basis the final build price is outside the award category. (Source$501,000-$600,000)

I will also be making enquiries with Master Builders Queensland about the process they use to check the price of a home that has been entered into a category. One would hope they’re not as silly as some of the constituents of Keppel and trust someone purely on their word.

Furthermore, you would be aware of your obligations to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Board (QBCC), specifically home warranty insurance. I have referred this matter to the QBCC and notified them of the final build price. I’m sure they will make contact with you soon if a gap needs to be paid. If not, Mrs Lauga seems to be on a debt collection rampage so you may also hear from her.

If Hutchinson’s is not a financial lender, why would they lend money to a former employee? Why has it taken this long for the “overrun” to be identified. To me and many others, the above seems all a little dubious.

Your sincerely

Petros Khalesirad

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